5 Reasons to Start Using Sex Toys

Whether you want to experiment with a partner in bed and freshen things up or do a little bit of self-exploration, owning a sex toy is just a great idea.  

Our views of sex have changed and become greatly liberalized over the past few decades (yay!). As sex toys become more accepted in mainstream media, attitudes towards them have also began shifting. In countries like Canada, for example, the prevalence of sex toy use has been estimated at 52.3 percent of the adult population.

Still, some ladies feel shy about giving vibrators (link to product) or clitoral stimulation toys (link to product) a try.

Are you one of these women? Are you still hesitant? We have a couple of important reasons why you need to give sex toys a try today. 

Easier orgasms

At least half of all women in the US have used a vibrator at least once in their lifetime. We welcome these statistics and we know the reasons why sex toys have become so prominent – they contribute to much easier female orgasms.

Reaching an orgasm during regular penetrative sex can be a major challenge for many women. If you cannot climax during sex with a partner, you’re not alone. In fact, the impressive 75 percent of women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone. They need oral sex and extra help from sex toys to get there.

Vibrators and clitoral suction toys put you in control of the experience. You can change the intensity of the vibration, the angle, the pressure and the duration of stimulating a particular spot. Organic stimulation can rarely achieve the same level of intensity, hence, many women need their sex toy in bed to have a spectacular experience (whether with a partner or alone).

As women, many of us are “programmed” to think that intercourse alone should be enough to climax. The good news is that attitudes are finally starting to change, women are speaking up about the need of clitoral stimulation and sex toys are becoming more diversified/readily available than ever before.

Taking the pressure off

Performance pressure is one of the biggest libido killers for both men and women.

Chances are that you feel the pressure to orgasm within a specific amount of time. Your partner feels the pressure to perform in order to get you there. 

Bringing a sex toy to the bedroom reduces both kinds of pressure.

Even if your partner is incredibly giving, it can be very difficult to orgasm from time to time. The more you try, the further you’ll get away from that peak. Using a vibrator or a clitoral stimulator takes the pressure off and allows you to enjoy the moment.

The same goes to your partner who can use the toy on you without having to worry about hitting the right spot or providing continuous high quality stimulation.

Higher libido through self-love

The topic of female masturbation is still somewhat of a taboo and society continues perpetuating the myth that it’s only men who do it.

This may come as a bit of a surprise to you but a recent study shows that 35 percent of women masturbate at least once per week and they’re much more likely than men to describe the experience as incredibly satisfying.

Do you know why these ladies are getting much more from the experience than guys? Assistance from vibrators and sex toys is one of the primary reasons. Fifty-four percent of the women who masturbate and enjoy it a lot actually rely on a sex toy to get off.

Self-exploration using a sex toy is highly beneficial health-wise and also in terms of partner experiences. A woman who masturbates knows what kind of stimulation she likes, where she needs to be touched and with what intensity in order to climax.

It’s also been established that regular self-love is a powerful libido booster. Women who use vibrators experience higher levels of sexual desire and as a result, these ladies could crave intimacy with a partner more often. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Orgasms are healthy!

Not only do they feel great, orgasms also play a vital role in maintaining physical and emotional health. 

Orgasms strengthen the immune response, they help for better sleep, they reduce chronic stress levels and may even prove to be beneficial as far as cardiovascular health is concerned. On top of that, an orgasm a day (or however often you crave it) gives you glowing skin and it has pain relief properties. So contrary to popular belief, sex is a good way to get rid of a headache!

All of these health benefits are valid for women who enjoy solo sex. If you have a stressful job and a very tight everyday schedule, a bit of self-exploration can help you take the edge off and feel more relaxed, happy and healthy.

It’s time to put your curiosity to bed!

The final reason you should start using sex toys is that you’re probably quite curious about them.

Have you ever pondered the intensity and type of stimulation a vibrator can give you? Instead of just thinking about it, you should go ahead and give sex toys a try. A sex toy can open you up to new sexual sensations and experiences you may have never experienced otherwise.

Once you give a sex toy a try, you can stop wondering about what it can do for you. Instead, you can incorporate it in your regular, highly satisfying sex routine.

Just about everyone can buy a sex toy through the power of online shopping and there are so many varieties to explore. Just do a bit of research to find out what appears to be most appealing. Once you make that first step, you can easily move on to giving other toys a try and reaching new levels of sexual satisfaction.

At Nuits Pourpres, we’re committed to helping women expand their sexuality and enjoy new experiences through the use of high quality sex toys. We’re also focused on educating ladies about using the right product to overcome sexual hiccups and have more powerful orgasms than ever before.

Don’t hesitate to explore our product range (link to products) or contact us today (link to contact us page) to find out more and have your questions answered.