Exciting Foreplay Ideas to Spice Things Up

What would sex be without foreplay? For some of us, this is the most exciting part of being together with a loved one. It’s stimulating, it’s pleasurable and it creates that delicious buildup needed for an enjoyable experience.

Foreplay, however, isn’t just a set of fixed practices.

There are so many things you can do, so many activities and types of stimulation to explore!

If you need a bit of assistance to get creative and wild in the bedroom, the following guide is just for you. Here are some cool and exciting foreplay ideas that will help you get things more heated than they’ve ever been.

Different touch techniques

Our skin is incredibly sensitive to touch and different types of stroking and pressure will result in very specific experiences.

So don’t just caress each other, experiment with touch. There are so many techniques to try.

Just think about it – you can stroke, make tiny spirals with the tips of your fingers, pinch lightly, use your fingernails for somewhat more concentrated stimulation, scratch gently, tickle, rub and even flick different body parts and erogenous zones.

The best thing to do is to start slow and see how your partner is responding. If something appears to be too intense or unpleasant/painful, you should either modify the intensity or give up on the specific type of touch altogether.

Explore the varieties of clitoral stimulation

Direct rubbing and oral sex are the two most common varieties of clitoral stimulation that people engage in during foreplay.

Just like touching, however, clitoral stimulation can be so diversified and unexpected.

In fact, most of the clitoris is hidden and it can be stimulated both externally and internally.

Rubbing against each other and blowing a warm stream of air on your partner’s clit can provide for a bit of indirect but fun stimulation.

If you want to take things to the next level, bring sex toys into the bedroom. 

A clitoris suction device feels very much like oral sex but it can provide stimulation that’s more powerful and intense. This is the right type of sex toy to try out if your partner finds it difficult to reach orgasms through regular foreplay and penetrative sex.

G-spot stimulation is actually another way to reach the clitoris. It stimulates the internal parts of the organ that are hidden and can result in massive orgasms. Fingers are a great choice or you can try a vibrator. Angled vibrators that hit the front wall of the vagina are the perfect option for internal clitoral stimulation.

Mutual masturbation

While we all feel comfortable engaging in a bit of self-love while alone, mutual masturbation isn’t incorporated into foreplay that often.

For many, masturbation is something that needs to be dropped as soon as a sexual partner enters the picture. But it’s one of the best ways to show what you like and it also gives you intimate knowledge of your partner’s body.

It’s also a great form of sexual activity for the times when you feel tired and you’re simply out of energy for the “real thing.”

Fingers and sex toys are a great choice for this kind of foreplay. Mutual masturbation, just like the previous techniques mentioned can be really diversified. It can be soft and gentle or it can be vigorous and intense. There’s so much to do that it’s simply a pity if you’re not doing mutual masturbation every once in a while.

It’s not just about the clitoris

Obviously, clitoral and penile stimulation feel the most intense. There are, however, other spots in the intimate region that are equally sensitive and that can be stimulated during foreplay.

For men, these spots include the perineum and the testicle. For ladies, the labia can also be incredibly sensitive to touch.

These areas can be massaged gently or a vibrating sex toy can be applied there. The vibrations will send delicious shivers to the central nervous system and result in really fun sensations. While the areas mentioned above aren’t as nerve-packed as the clitoris and the penis, their stimulation can bring something new and unexpected to the realm of foreplay. 

Add a mirror

They say that men are highly visual creatures but it’s not just guys who enjoy watching.

Anything that you do as a part of your foreplay routine can become a lot more exciting if you’re watching what’s happening. 

Add a big mirror to the bedroom – chances are that you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable at first but once you get used to what you’re seeing, you’ll probably like it a lot.

To enjoy this activity, you should let go of preconceived notions about what sex should look like. This isn’t porn, it’s the real thing. Chances are that you’ll see a bit of cellulite, stretch marks and some folds. This is how regular bodies look and how they respond to sex. If you manage to open up your mind, you’ll probably enjoy the experience tremendously (plus, it can be extra bonding). 

Control the buildup

A quickie is fine every once in a while, especially if you’re feeling very passionate or too tired to go through a prolonged routine.

Most of the time, however, good foreplay should last enough and it should be controlled.

The trick here is to start slow and to build up the intensity gradually. We call this teasing and it will have your partner begging for more sooner or later.

Sex toys are great for the purpose because you can change intensities and you can last a long enough time. Control and buildup with touching and oral sex can be a bit tricky, especially if your partner needs prolonged stimulation to get there.

These are just a few foreplay ideas but there’s so much more to try – massages, tantric sex, experimenting with temperature, blindfolds an even a bit of pain if you’re into that kind of thing.

What matters the most is observing your partner’s reactions and asking for feedback. Exploring each other’s bodies is one of the most exciting aspects of sex. Don’t feel threatened by it – seize the opportunity. Both of you will be rewarded for the willingness to try out new things.