A Beginner’s Guide: How to Take Proper Care of Your Sex Toy

You’ve just bought your brand new sex toy and the box arrived at your doorsteps. Now what? Obviously, the item comes with some instructions but who goes through all of these details? 

Well, you should! Proper sex toy care ensures safe use and also prolongs the lifespan of your gadget.

Today, we’ll give you a very simple and practical guide for taking care of your sex toy. While fun and enjoyment are the top priorities, hygiene happens to be of paramount importance. Luckily, there are several basic steps you have to complete before and after using your toy to make the experience 100 percent safe.

Clean your sex toy often

Let’s start with the most obvious care and use tip – make sure your sex toy is clean before and after every single use.

Otherwise, bacteria can easily find an opportunity to grow on the surface and you don’t want them coming in contact with your intimate area. 

Check out the care instructions to see what kinds of detergents and disinfectants your sex toy is compatible with. Gentle antibacterial soap or a liquid antibacterial wash will usually do a good job, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.

There are also specialized sex toys antibacterial wipes and sprays. Some people find these products easier to use, so it’s really up to you.

Here are the steps you need to undertake to clean your sex toy:

  • Prepare a mixture of detergent and water
  • If your toy is waterproof, submerge it in the solution to get all of the crevices
  • If your toy isn’t waterproof, use a towel to gently soak up some of the cleaning solution and wipe your sex toy
  • When you’re done, rinse it thoroughly with clean water (or rub with a clean towel soaked in water)
  • Prepare another clean towel to pat your sex toy dry before storing it in its pouch or container

Repeat this procedure before and after every single use. Don’t worry – it only takes a few minutes once you get used to the routine.

Boil sex toys every once in a while

Non-motorized sex toys that are made of medical-grade silicone can be boiled every once in a while to ensure optimal disinfection.

This procedure is also very important if you’re sharing sex toys with a partner.

Once again – check the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You don’t want to ruin the sex toy you absolutely adore by boiling it to death.

Items made of stainless steel and pyrex can also be boiled for a few minutes to eliminate the risk of STIs and passing bacteria to your partner.

Consider using a condom (and be careful about lube selection)

In some instances, using a condom with your sex toy may be the best possible idea to ensure safety and prolong its lifespan.

There are sex toys made of porous materials (certain gel and silicone varieties). These can easily trap bacteria and you’ll find it impossible to get rid of the buildup even through daily sanitization. In such instances, putting a condom on the sex toy before use and rinsing/disinfecting after would be optimal.

When using a sex toy, you’re also likely to rely on lube to make the experience more pleasant.

Please, be careful about the selection of the right lubricant. If you’re not, you can ruin the material that covers your sex toy.

Silicone sex toys are compatible solely with water-based lube. Silicone lube is good for latex-covered products but it can melt away medical-grade silicone.  

Stay away from lube that contains glycerin because it can increase the risk of developing yeast infections. 

How you store your sex toy matters!

Now that you’ve nailed cleaning and use, it’s time to talk about the proper storage of sex toys. 

Yes, the way in which you store your sex toy matters as far as its lifespan is concerned.

You can’t just toss a dildo or a vibrator in your nightstand drawer and call it a day. If you do, you’re negating all of the cleaning and the sanitization you’ve already done.

All sex toys are provided with a small container or a pouch for storage purposes. This is the one you should be using after you’re done cleaning and drying your toy.

If you don’t like the pouch, you find the original box too flimsy or you’ve just lost it, you can purchase a special storage container for sex toys. These are readily available online.

Look for signs of damage every once in a while

Using a damaged sex toy isn’t safe, especially if we’re talking about a battery-powered or a rechargeable gadget.

While you probably really love your sex toy and would like to keep it longer in pristine condition, the time would eventually come for you to let go of the item. 

Do a check once in a while to make sure your sex toy is still in a good condition. 

Make sure that the waterproofing of your sex toy is still intact, especially if you plan to use it in the shower. A broken seal or a missing battery compartment lid will make the usage of the toy unsafe in a humid environment.

It’s also not safe to use a sex toy that has rips, chips or cracks on its surface. Even the best of sex toys do not last forever and it’s really not a good idea to stubbornly keep on using a damaged item instead of buying a new one.

Any irregularity in the surface of the toy means that it is no longer non-porous. Cracks and chips can harbor bacteria, which is why you have to get rid of the toy immediately. 

That’s it!

As you can see, ensuring your sex toy is in a tip-top condition involves only a couple of steps. Once you get used to that routine, you’re not even going to think about the essential steps. And if you feel lazy once in a while, you can easily throw a condom on top of your toy to maximize hygiene.

A general rule of thumb to follow is to always use your best judgment. If you feel that a certain practice is unsafe, it probably is. Have a lot of fun but also remember to be responsible and take care of your own body for the best experience ever.